Integrating Technology Into ELT


These two-week workshop series are designed for ELT teachers who are interested in using technology and want to create and develop their own lessons to motivate their learners. After a brief introduction to using technology in the class, the participants will be introduced to web 2.0 tools and look at how to create and work effectively with these tools.

By the end of these workshops, participants will have

  • explored different tools to use to create their lessons
  • developed and created materials to be used in their classes
  • had hands-on experience using digital/mobile tools to motivate their students
  • explored tools that can be used effectively to teach four skills, grammar and vocabulary
  • learned about Creative Commons Licensing and sites to access music and images for classroom use
  • seen different examples created with these tools
  • shared and discussed their own ideas to develop lessons
  • given feedback on each other’s works.
  • Be monitored and given feedback on their works

Day 1

During the 1st day, the participants will

  • be introduced to digital technologies and ways of mobile learning
  • learn about online safety and how to protect the students’ privacy
  • discuss the importance of digital portfolios
  • become familiar with a variety of web 2.0 tools to work during the workshops

Day 2

During the 2nd day, the participants will

  • be familiar with tools to create lessons and games
  • create lessons and using different tools
  • learn about tools that can be used by students
  • find ways to evaluate students’ progress

Duration: 2 days 8 hours

Fee: 150 TL (KDV included)

Trainer: Eva Buyuksımkesyan

Maximum 10 participants

The participants are kindly asked to bring their laptops or tablets and also their hard-drives or USBs to be able to create content for their classes.

To complete your registration please click on the link here

Eva14 copy

Eva Büyüksimkesyan is a mother, an EFL teacher, a teacher trainer, social media consultant and the founder of Dream2Edu. She has been involved with many collaborative projects with schools around the world since 2009. She is the European Union Projects coordinator of her school. She started an e-safety project with her students and organized a student conference with a group of teachers and students, aiming to raise awareness among parents and younger students. She talked about this project at BETT 2015 in London. She volunteered as moderator and course tutor at EVO Digital Story Telling Course in 2013. She started presenting at conferences both in Turkey and abroad to share the ideas she has collected and compiled through the years. Her journey in her career brought her to a new stop where she decided to have a room of her own to deliver workshops and courses to teachers, parents and children, in short to people who will never give up learning and she started her own educational consultancy firm called Dream2Edu (A Thought Shop as she also defines it). She also blogs at She is evab2001 on twitter.

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